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  • Furnas

    USED, salvaged from school surplus equipment, made in USA.Listing is for one (1) each definite purpose controller, Furnas Cat. No. 42BE108104, comes exactly as shown in the photo.• Series A• 3-Pole 24VDC Coil• 120VAC 1.5HP@1-Phase 3HP@3-Phase• 240VAC 30FLA 180LRA 3HP@1-Phase 7.5HP@3-Phase• 480/600VAC 30FLA 150/120LRA 7.5HP@3-Phase

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  • LOOKS UNUSED, open box, acquired through school surplus, box and product stamped "not for resale" and "donated for educational use".Listing is for one (1) each 3-Pole Contactor, Honeywell #R8212R-1007, 30A inductive, 40A resistive, 24V 50/60Hz coil, main terminals: screw, coil terminals: double 1/4" quick connects, includes factory sealed accessories,...

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items