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  • Furnas

    USED, acquired through school surplus, made in USA.Listing is for one (1) each Definite Purpose Controller, Furnas #42BE108104, series A, 3-pole, 24VDC coil, 120VAC 1.5HP@1-phase 3HP@3-phase, 240VAC 30FLA 180LRA 3HP@1-phase 7.5HP@3-phase, 480/600VAC 30FLA, 150/120LRA 7.5HP@3-phase, comes exactly as shown in the photo.

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  • LOOKS UNUSED, open box, acquired through school surplus, box and product stamped "not for resale" and "donated for educational use".Listing is for one (1) each 3-Pole Contactor, Honeywell #R8212R-1007, 30A inductive, 40A resistive, 24V 50/60Hz coil, main terminals: screw, coil terminals: double 1/4" quick connects, includes factory sealed accessories,...

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items