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  • Philips Electronics

    LOOKS UNUSED, acquired through school surplus, original packaging.Listing is for one (1) each Philips FCL Halogen Lamp, 500T3Q/CL, 120V 500W, for best performance lamp should not be touched with bare hands, comes exactly as shown in the photo.

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  • LOOKS UNUSED, acquired through estate sale, backside of package was cut open, bulb looks to be in pristine condition, no signs of use, good filament (ohm tested), no visible signs of heat marks, made in China.Listing is for one (1) each Halogen Lamp, 100W 120VAC, Westinghouse P/N: 04719, GY6.35 Base, comes exactly as shown in the photo.(For best...

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items