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  • Makita Corp.

    USED, acquired from school surplus, not tested.Listing is for one (1) each fast charger, Makita Model DC9700A, no instruction manual, comes exactly as shown in the photo.• Input: 115VAC 35W 50-60Hz• Output: 7.2VDC 9.6VDC 1.5A• Charge Only Makita Battery: 7000, 9000 OR 9100

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  • Milwaukee Elec. Tool Corp.

    USED, acquired through school surplus, empty side compartment (bit holder).Listing is for one (1) each battery charger, Milwaukee Cat. No. 48-59-0180, for charging Milwaukee 48-11-0100 NiCd battery pack (battery not included), comes exactly as shown in the photo. • Input 120VAC 60Hz 100mA• Output 2.4VDC 1.4 Amps

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items